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Body Treatments

Please read through the contraindications to ensure that the treatment you intend to schedule is a good fit

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Back Facial

Steam, exfoliation, light massage, and a clarifying mask are applied on the back to give a relaxing treatment. Any skin concerns are also addressed.


Body Scrub

Dry brushing is performed over the entire body using exfoliating gloves, followed by light massage. This includes a mini facial to conclude the service. Very relaxing and rejuvenating 


Deep Cleansing Back Facial

A standard Back Facial, but with a deeper cleanse and more extensive exfoliation. With the use of Microdermabrasion, dead skin and buildup is removed from the entirety of the back. Steam and moisturizing products are applied as well


Booty Facial

Cleanse, steam, and exfoliation is performed on the butt cheeks and back of the thighs to treat inflamed bumps and irritation. Extractions can be performed if needed. A clarifying mask is applied, followed by a hydrating body lotion.

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