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Meet Your Esthetician

My name is Sarah, and I am the proud owner of Sweet Honey Esthetics! I am thrilled to be opening a business in my hometown of North Bend, Washington, and look forward to offering my service to the valley. 


I knew I wanted to own my own business from a young age, but I never imagined that this is what it would become. I dreamt of owning a bakery and selling cupcakes, but now I dream of my future as an esthetician and skincare professional.


Helping you look and feel your absolute best is one of my biggest goals. There is so much to learn when it comes to skincare. The over saturated industry can make it overwhelming, especially for those just getting started. My job is to help you understand your skin and give you the tools that you need to maintain an effective home care regime. Skincare is self-care. 

Previous Oncology Training| The Euro Institute of Skincare graduate

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