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If you have ever been confused about what skin type you have, this is a guide to help identify skin type based on key characteristics of your skin

Three Plants


The texture of you skin is smooth and firm, and the appearance of your skin has a slight glow and even color. Your blood vessels are invisible, and your skin is prone to blackheads if not cared for. It is also very rare.

Round Wooden Table


Your skin appears tight with near invisible pores, is easily irritated, lacks oil, and is dull. Breakouts are rare, and early signs of fine lines and wrinkles are showing.

Indoor Plants


Your pores are enlarged and visible, and the skin lacks smoothness. The surface texture is shiny and you are prone to breakouts.

City Plants


Your skin texture is fine with visible blood vessels, is delicate, and reacts to many external irritants such as stress, illness, or PMS. Blotchiness, redness, heat or a tingling sensation are common reactions to irritants, and your skin blushes easily.

Now that you have identified your skin type, we can discuss how to care for and look at any skin conditions that may be present

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